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Hey there, folks! Welcome to our little corner of the internet, where we’re all about sniffing out the world’s smells and sharing our discoveries with you.

So, who’s behind all this nose-tickling goodness? Well, it’s just me, Carter, a 32 year old guy who still thinks he’s 18, and my partner-in-smell-crime, my awesome girlfriend, Ali.

The (Not So) Dramatic Beginning

You know how some people are inspired by grand life-changing events? Well, my story isn’t exactly like that. It all started on a lazy Sunday morning when I was sipping my morning coffee, and Ali suddenly shouted, “Hey, have you ever thought about what clouds smell like?” Yep, clouds! The fluffy white things in the sky.

We both laughed it off, but then the thought stuck with us. What do clouds smell like? What about freshly cut grass, old books, or even the air after it rains? And so, our weird and wonderful adventure into the world of smells began.

Why We’re Doing This

Look, we’re not fragrance experts, and we don’t have fancy degrees in aroma-ology (if that’s even a thing). We’re just regular folks like you, curious about the everyday scents that make life interesting.

We realized that there’s more to smells than just inhaling and saying, “Yep, that’s nice.” There are stories, memories, and science behind every whiff. So, we decided to embark on a mission – to uncover the mysteries of scents, one smell at a time. And we thought, “Why not share our adventures with others who might be just as curious?”

Ali Parsons smelling flowers

Our Smelly Adventures

We’ve sniffed our way through all sorts of places and things. From exploring bustling spice markets in Marrakech to sniff-testing grandma’s attic (spoiler alert: it smells like nostalgia and mothballs). We’ve even tried to figure out the elusive scent of a rainbow (no luck so far, but we’re not giving up).

Join the Smell Squad

We want you to come along for the ride. This isn’t some stuffy encyclopedia of odors. No, siree! We’re here to have fun and learn together. If you’ve ever wondered what a petrichor is (it’s the smell of rain on dry soil, by the way) or what’s really in your favorite cologne, you’re in the right place.

So, stick around, have a sniff-tastic time with us, and let’s explore this smelly world together. If you’ve got questions, weird smell requests, or just want to say hi, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!

Carter Fry in the woods

Here’s to embracing the wonderful, weird, and sometimes wacky world of smells!


Carter and Ali,

P.S. If you ever figure out what clouds smell like, please let us know!

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